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 Covering the Bowl Game.

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Air Force post-game quotes

COACH CALHOUN:  First of all, just really extend our gratitude to the City of Fort Worth and the great, great job that the people do here with this bowl game.  And, I mean, just class in every way, the activities they have for the participants, just all the organization, the communication, and the way ‑‑ really what they're all about. I don't think you'd ever be a part of a bowl game that represents more of something that's a little bit like the slogan they use. It's so much more than football.

Cal post-game quotes

COACH DYKES:  It felt good to win. I thought the way we played today was really indicative of the way we practiced leading up to the game. I was really pleased with the way we focused. We started practicing the week after the Arizona State game. And it's a long way away when you start thinking about practicing. You have about a month between that game and this game. 

Viable & Relevant

By Troy Phillips,

Generally, the football part of the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl takes care of itself. More often, competitive matchups and intriguing fourth quarters - including Houston’s wild comeback a year ago to win 35-34 - have kept the game more than watchable at home.

But as the event moves well into its second decade, keeping a bowl game established and fresh continues to be a challenge. With the count of bowl games now at 40 and the need to add 5-7 teams this year to fill them all, bowl saturation is here.