Honoring Heroes of America.

The Great American Patriot Award presented by Armed Forces Insurance is presented annually to an individual or group in recognition of their service to the United States. The award is selected by the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Military Affairs Committee. In selecting the recipient, the committee considers numerous criteria. Candidates must be of high moral fiber and good character, having spent their lives and/or careers serving the common good of the United States. They will have gone beyond the call of duty to serve and protect this country, with proven dedication and loyalty in upholding the Constitution and the laws of the nation.

Finally, the Great American Patriot Award winner will have worked tirelessly to make the U.S. a better and safer place for all its citizens. Award winners are formally presented with their award during the bowl’s half-time ceremony each year.

2018 Recipient: Team Rubicon

Team Rubcon was awarded the 2018 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Great American Patriot Award. Presented by Armed Forces Insurance, the Great American Patriot Award honors a group or individual in recognition of their exemplary service to the United States. Full Story.


Previous Great American Patriot Award Recipients


Chris Kyle





Kay Granger

U.S. Congresswoman




General Mark Welsh

Chief of Staff

U.S. Air Force 



Peter Pace


General Peter Pace

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

U.S. Marine Corps

William McRaven



Admiral William McRaven

U.S. Special Operations Command

U.S. Navy


Norton Schwartz


General Norton A. Schwartz

Former Chief of Staff,

U.S. Air Force

Salvatore Giunta



Savatore Giunta

Medal of Honor Recipient

U.S. Army


Thad Allen


Admiral Thad Allen

U.S. Coast Guard


Mike Mullen  


Admiral Michael G. Mullen

Former Chairman of the

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

U.S. Navy



General David H. Petraeus

Former Commander

U.S. Forces Afghanistan

U. S. Army

Preston Geren



Preston "Pete" Geren

Former U.S.

Secretary of the Army

U.S. Army

  Gordon England


Gordon England

Former U.S. Deputy

Secretary of Defense



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